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Wayfarer Blue Light Blockers for Dummies


Order our new product line of Blue Light Blockers for Dummies brand. For an average cost = $5.58 per piece with a FREE Display as shown. And don't forget this cost comes down to a maximum of 20% with an order of sunglasses for $2000 and up.

Since the pandemic, more people are on their computer screens than ever. This means our eyes are being strained more than normal due to more people working remotely from home. Not only are workers affected, but also all of the students who are now online attending classes online.

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5 Items

$134.00 CAD / Display

Product Details

Cost Per Unit: $5.58

Gender:Unisex, Men and Women

Frame/Temple Material and Size: Acrylic/Classic

Lens:Blue Light Block

Colorways: 24PC Clear Blue Light Block Lens, Polished Black Frame, Polished Black Temple

Packaging:Comes with Pouches,Display,24 Pieces/Display

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