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Discover tons of eyewear styles from our collection. We have over 700 different styles for everyone, ranging from aviators, wayfarers, fashion, sport, classics, polarized, high definition and other specialty lenses.  We're confident that you'll find the right collection to fit your target market.
We Got Wholesale Designer Sunglasses
If you're looking to buy wholesale designer sunglasses, then look no further than Sunrayzz Imports. We have an amazing collection of wholesale designer sunglasses from great brands like X-Loop, Giselle, CG Fashion and others.
In addition to our low prices, we have high-volume discounts for big orders. Get an instant 10% discount on orders $500 or up, 20% from orders of $2000, and even more on bigger orders! Our sunglass wholesale prices are sure to keep your profits high and your costs low.
Wholesale Sunglasses In Bulk
We are a direct importer and distributor of quality wholesale fashion sunglasses in Canada and the USA. We offer great domestic and international shipping rates on every purchase through our website. If you're a reseller of sunglasses and/or reading glasses, then buying wholesale sunglass in bulk is your best choice for high income sales.
Place your order now and take advantage of our cheap bulk sunglasses! Simply choose your favorite brand and place them in your shopping cart, then provide us your complete shipping information and payment details during the secured checkout. You may reach us through our email at or use our live chat for instant messaging.

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  • Heart Sunglasses

    Wholesale heart sunglasses are an excellent addition to your product offerings. These stylish and endearing eyewear options offer both fashion and affordability, making them an attractive choice for your customers. With their love-inspired designs and bulk pricing, you can easily enhance your business and cater to a wide range of tastes. Explore our selection of heart sunglasses for wholesale and watch your sales soar.

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Showing 1276 - 1290 of 1463 items
Showing 1276 - 1290 of 1463 items