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Customer Notification: Shipping Pricing when Ordering Displays

A note to our customers, when ordering a display, the fedex shipping estimator is currently not able to give accurate shipping quotes due to the variability of box sizes for displays.

As we work towards a solution, please be aware that on certain orders that contain displays, the estimated shipping cost might be slightly higher or lower than the actual shipping cost. If there is a descrepency, our customer service staff will contact you prior to any additional charges or discounts to your order.

We strive to keep your costs down by packaging your order in the most efficient and cost effective way possible.

If you would like to recieve an accurate quote, you can contact our customer service department by phone: 1-877-733-1266, through email on our contact us page or via our Online Support box on the right hand side.


Estimated Pricing On Shipping based on Sunglasses Only

All products from the Canadian warehouse are shipped via FED EX GROUND unless EXPRESSS shipping is requested.

Canadian Orders

  1. 1-2 dozen $12.00- $15.00
  2. 3-5 dozen $14.00- $18.00
  3. 6-9 dozen $18.00- $23.00
  4. 10-20 dozen $25.00- $30.00

USA Orders

  1. 1-2 dozen $15 - $18 USD
  2. 3-5 dozen $18 - $24 USD
  3. 6-9 dozen $25 - $29 USD
  4. 10-20 dozen $28 - $35 USD

Over 20 dozen:  Please email for quotes if needed.

  • * Delivery to Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico is available for an additional cost.
  • * All quotes are based on the average shipping cost across the nations. Quotes may vary from location to location.

US Warehouse Products

Sunrayzz Imports now also offers styles exclusively from our US warehouse. These styles will be shipped from the US warehouse via UPS or FedEx to anywhere in the world. Any styles chosen from this category will have a seperate UPS/FedEx shipping rate from the rest of the styles from the Canadian warehouse. (There will be two shipping rates upon checkout if you order styles from both warehouses) Please note that additional brokerage, duties and taxes will be applied to the products from US warehouse for destinations anywhere other than the US.

International Orders

TNT Express is now available. Please click HERE to get your TNT Express quote. Simply find your country and corresponding zone number and find out your shipping cost according to your zone number. Or simply get in touch with a sales representitive by phone, email, or our online support for a TNT quote.

Sample quote calculation: 

  • To express ship 5 dozen sunglasses to Australia, first find the zone number for Australia on the second page of TNT shipping quote guide. 
  • According to the second page of TNT shipping guide, Australia is zone 3 and shipping time is 4-5 days for express service and 8-11 days for economy express service. 
  • Now go to Express-Parcels category on the first page of TNT shipping guide and refer to zone 3.
    Find out the weight of 5 dozen sunglasses, which is 3.4 kg. Under zone 3 of Express-Parcel category, is would cost $72.53 + 7% fuel surcharges.

* One dozen sunglasses weighs 1.5 pounds, which equals 0.68 kg. (1 kg = 2.2 pounds)

The shipping rates are provided as an estimate only. It could be a little less or a little more depending on your area.

Please note:  We are located in Vancouver BC Canada and these shipping rates to the US are extremely competitive even for US state to state shipping.

Return and Exchange Policy

We do offer 30 day money back guarantee to all our customers; however, customer is responsible for Shipping and Handling charges on all exchanges or returns. If the items are returned in good condition, the refund amount is the price paid for the item, less shipping and handling fees and a 15% re-stocking fee. If you prefer to exchange the item for another item, the re-stocking fee will be waived.

For any return packages, please only send via United States Postal Services. State on the package "Returning to Sender No Commercial Value" and also put a value of $10 on any return packages. We do not accept return packages under any other conditions.