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New Arrivals

Welcome to Sunrayzz Imports New Arrivals!
We regularly update our store with fresh new products throughout the year to ensure that our retailers are getting a myriad of wholesale designer sunglasses, wholesale sunglasses in bulk, and other choices needed to make their sunglasses wholesale business profitable as possible.
We make this happen by bringing in the hottest trends in today’s market.
Not only do we stay on top of what the world of fashion is showcasing in affordable bulk sunglasses, we also attend Optical Fairs to see first hand what is being produced by manufacturers throughout the world.
Myriad of Superior Quality Sunglasses in Bulk
Here you’ll find wholesale polarized sunglasses, fashion, trendy, classics, aviators, sport, urban, and vintage/retro style sunglasses for all ages. Retaining a variety of these styles in your selection of sunglasses is a must to maximize your profit earning potential. We offer our wholesale sunglasses in the US, Canada and internationally.
As a leading wholesale sunglasses distributor, we understand the importance of carrying high quality products. We have earned the trust of our retailers by constantly offering wholesale fashion sunglasses. We are proactive in making sure our collection of styles are produced by trusted manufacturers.
It's taken us years to nurture the right relationships with the companies that design and manufacture the product lines of the sunglasses in bulk that we carry. This experience, along with the right connections allows us to provide a variety of styles that retailers and their customers can rely on.
New Collections of Wholesale Fashion Sunglasses
Finally, the brands that we carry are all proven sellers in the bulk sunglasses business.
Styles such as X-Loop, Locs, and Choppers has been around for the men’s market for over 10 years. Multiple new designs are rolled out every year for each brand. We have also recently introduced new brands for women such as Giselle, Romance, VG, and CG.
You'll find these brands to be highly fashionable and also cutting edge.
Browse our New Arrivals pages to see what's hot in the sunglass world and catch the most innovative styles to hit the market today!

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Showing 166 - 180 of 180 items