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Futuristic Arctic Blue Sport Shades ab-84


Introducing our cutting-edge Sports Wrap/Shield Sunglasses, meticulously crafted from durable polymer for both style and resilience. These sunglasses come in a variety of frame colors including classic black, dynamic black/blue, sleek black/silver, modern white/crystal smoke, and unique carbon print/black. Equipped with advanced Anti-Glare BlueTech lenses, they offer superior visual clarity and protection from harsh light, making them ideal for outdoor sports and activities. Each pair features a sturdy pin hinge for reliable long-term use.

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$61.00 CAD / Dozen

Product Details

Frame Material: Polymer
Frame Shape: Sports Wrap / Shield
Frame Color: Black, Black / Blue, Black Silver, White / Crystal Smoke, Carbon Print / Black
Lens Color: Anti-Glare BlueTech Lens
Hinge Type: Pin Hinge
Unit of Sale: Dozen

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